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Henna believes it is critically important and ethically imperative to become active members of the communities in which we operate. Although the primary motivation behind this company culture is to express gratitude for the abundance these communities provide, it is also true that personal relationships forged through community involvement, in turn, provide a valuable byproduct in the form of rich opportunities for the company.

Henna also embraces a culture of decentralization and partnership, which enables the company to form joint ventures with individuals who control attractive real estate opportunities, but lack the capital and/or sufficient real estate expertise to proceed alone. Henna is amenable to joint venture partnerships with architects, appraisers, construction contractors, developers, engineers, zoning attorneys, commercial brokers, leasing agents, property managers, hotel operators, and others (so long as they possess the appropriate professional licenses and certifications), unlike other users of capital who promote these services “in house” in order to generate additional fees.


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