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A corollary to real estate development is real estate redevelopment. Redevelopment at a macro level usually involves demolishing counterproductive our undesirable structures and replanning the land. At the micro, and often more interesting, level, redevelopment can mean changing assets from one use to another. This frequently occurs with historic properties, which may have irreplaceable structural and cultural value, but were designed in a manner or for a purpose that is no longer desired by the market. Henna principals are currently converting a historic office building in downtown Phoenix, Arizona, into a boutique hotel and are experienced in the unique challenges associated with reviving historic properties. We also believe in changing the use of non-historic properties when value can be created in the conversion process. Although the market for apartment-to-condominium conversions has mostly run its course, it was a great example of how approaching a real estate asset from a different point of reference can prove valuable.

In summary, Henna studies all strategic and tactical elements of an opportunity before introducing capital to it. We, in effect, become the financial planner and structuring partner for our investor and venture partners in all transactions quarterbacked by our firm. Our ability to execute, professionally and effectively, across all phases of the real estate lifecycle enables us to generate the maximum risk-adjusted returns for our partners, respect their non-quantitative investment criteria, and produce a positive economic and social reward for the communities and other stakeholders who support us.


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