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With real estate prices approaching historic highs, managers who pursue upside strategies are pursuing a “greater fool” theory. An example of this would be the continued development of stand-alone, high-priced condominium towers in markets already saturated with stand-alone, high-priced condominium towers.

Henna only pursues select acquisition and development opportunities where a unique market niche or competitive advantage can be manufactured through the acquisition of one-of-a-kind properties or the creative repositioning of development entitlements. Accordingly, Henna has developed specialized expertise in the acquisition and redevelopment of historic properties, which cannot be duplicated, and in public-private land development partnerships, which are shunned by typical managers. Most importantly and uniquely, Henna dedicates a high percentage of firm resources to the conscientious asset management of owned properties. Although this reduces the firm’s capacity for transaction volume, and accordingly the potential profits for the firm’s principals, it helps ensure that Henna’s properties outperform their competitive set and are much better positioned to weather an economic downturn, should one arise.


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