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Henna's principals will pursue no opportunity without first acquiring a keen understanding of the micro-trends, history, culture, and political climate surrounding a potential investment. This necessitates that a Henna team member or local partner be based full-time in any metropolitan area where a material investment is made, which is another point of differentiation between Henna and larger real estate fund managers.

Henna team members and local partners become active volunteers and contributors within the communities where the firm conducts business, and they encourage extended team members to do the same, thereby creating goodwill that can potentially be monetized through the entitlement or asset management process, as well as reducing the risk of schedule disruptions from unforeseen political issues. Another advantage to this approach is that decisions are made from information extracted from local, first-hand sources, rather than filtered through distant, third-party sources without a significant ownership interest in the consequences of the decisions.


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